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No new experience! An important file is untraceable? A document that is needed is in a pile of papers and it takes a perceived eternity for it to be found? The tray in the office is a black hole, in which documents disappear forever? With PaperOffice 2019 such experiences quickly become a thing of the past.

PaperOffice Document Management Software is the complete solution: Archiving and managing documents
with automatic AI-based document recognition. Efficient and AI-based document archiving, file management, contract management and document management for private users to large enterprises.
World's best OCR text recognition, live keyword search and SQL-based audit-proof data storage - you're guaranteed to find every document in seconds, with no data loss. Together with your Synology or QNAP NAS, your PaperOffice is the best DMS

PaperOffice 2019 sets new standards in document management and enables new ways into the electronic office. The implementation of the paperless office, how it really works. Bringing analogue archives into the digital age. Provide order and overview on hard disks. Support the teamwork in the company. Document management and more, that’s PaperOffice 2019.

One of the most important factors in a company is time management. The old wisdom that time is money, hits the nail on the head during business processes. But why is there still so much time and money wasted? In fact, it is a sum of about 23 billion euros, which is lost annually in Germany alone, because employees, instead of busy with productive work, are looking for the right documents. This enormous sum is the result of a study by the Frauenhofer Institute, in which a representative group of office employees from different companies was asked how much time they spend every day searching for documents. Here, 80% of the interviewees admitted that they spend between 15 and 120 minutes per workday looking for paper documents as well as files on the computer. An unnecessary loss of productivity, which can be transformed into a productivity gain through consistent and well-thought-out document management.

The basis for this is a document management software. A good investment that pays off in no time. Not just in terms of each employee and their personal time management, but equally to the performance of projects or other operational processes. Because just as delays spread like waves in the company and in other places also generate lost time, just as quickly and comprehensively done tasks ensure an acceleration.

With PaperOffice 2019, the office gets new momentum

There is management software like sand by the sea. But very often it is individual solutions that deal only with a specific part of the diverse tasks. In most cases, there are not even sensible interfaces, so that, for example, the data transfer functions smoothly.

PaperOffice 2019 shows new ways here. That starts with the digitization of hardcopy files. Certainly, a scanner software is important, but with PaperOffice 2019 you can also transfer images from your mobile phone or tablet. Subsequently, the powerful OCR text recognition from images again texts, which can be edited using the existing Office software. At the same time, a keyword indexing is made to find each process with lightning fastness with the internal search engine of PaperOffice 2019.

The document management of PaperOffice 2019, however, also cleans up on stand-alone computers or in networks. Depending on the version, such as “PaperOffice Team”, the software ensures that there are no interruptions in the performance. For example, if a colleague is missing due to illness. A server-based platform, with corresponding access authorizations, allows secure storage of documents that are available to the appropriate decision-makers at all times.

PaperOffice 2019 goes on and on, with no time-consuming delay. PaperOffice is available in 4 languages, such as English, German, Spanish and Russian. Also offers a 14-day free trial period.

With PaperOffice 2019 it goes on and on, with no time-consuming delay.

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