Advantages of digitization in your Office with PaperOffice

With PaperOffice you can digitize your documents quickly and easily to make working with them more convenient
With PaperOffice you can digitize your documents quickly and easily

Digitization is a process by which we convert a text, image, or sound to a virtual medium in such a way that a computer can be able to work with said elements. In the last decades almost everything has been subjected to this process, for example, today only audiophiles buy CDs or vinyl records, since the general public prefers to buy MP3s or more recently pay for music streaming services.

In the same way, with PaperOffice you can digitize your documents quickly and easily to make working with them more convenient.

Why is it important not to be left behind on this issue of digitization?

Before we move on to PaperOffice, let’s answer the following question: why is it important not to be left behind on this issue of digitization? Blockbuster was a giant company with a presence in several countries that was dedicated to movie rental (although later it began to offer other things), it was defeated by a small startup called Netflix. Why?

Because Netflix offered movies in a digital format, which was much easier to distribute and it was more convenient to be able to access everything you wanted from wherever you were.

We could cite many other examples that denote the lack of vision of large companies that lost to small startups that could understand the advantages of digitization.

PaperOffice and your NAS are the perfect team
PaperOffice and your NAS are the perfect team

Your business doesn’t have to suffer the same fate as Blockbuster, you have time to modernize your business, and PaperOffice was created to assist you in this process.

In another article we have already written 9 golden rules for the way to the digital office.

Consider the following benefits of implementing digitization:

Reduce paper consumption

This is not only a green practice, but your business will also save money by using less paper, think about how many sheets actually need to be printed to run your business, and you will see how much money will turn into profit rather than expense for paper.

Reduce the cost of storage

When you store your documents in physical format, you need to dedicate a space for it, by implementing PaperOffice, your facilities will no longer have to consider the extra space that storage of documents entails, in addition to that you can do without the conditioning that these spaces require, such as that humidity must be controlled to avoid deterioration of the paper.

Facilitate remote work

When you work with analog documents, this requires your workers to go to the place where these documents are, or to send them by mail or fax to them. By digitizing them, a group can work simultaneously and remotely with documents without the need to move to a central location.

How this can be solved with PaperOffice?

In PaperOffice you have all the necessary tools to digitize your documents. With PaperOffice you will simply have to scan your document with your scanner (PaperOffice will work with any), and PaperOffice will create a digital version, if you are scanning a lot of documents, PapeOffice makes it practical because it recognizes separator sheets and separates the documents for archiving.

A great feature that is particularly useful if your business regularly works with documents with a complex format, is that PaperOffice uses an AI to recognize (if possible) the contents on your documents, such as sums, document types, dates, contact details, etc.

Here you can read our article about the benefits of Automating Business Processes with PaperOffice.

Benefits of Automating Business Processes with PaperOffice
Benefits of Automating Business Processes with PaperOffice

One of the most important aspects of storing documents through a DMS is complying with legal regulations, PaperOffice has been designed to be GoBD compliant, so you will be able to make use of the software without worrying about violating any regulation; for example, every time someone modifies a document, a new version of said document is created, it should be noted that all versions will be available in the database, which remains within the regulations in force.


As you can see, PaperOffice will make your transition to the paperless office as easy as possible, don’t be left behind and join all the companies that have already entered the new era and make sure your company is one that transcends you, your children, and your grandchildren.

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