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The best of two worlds

Since 2002, the document management system PaperOffice team has been increasingly involved in document management solutions for businesses, governments, and private use. The management of the administration, is becoming increasingly important in every area. The Internet age makes it especially necessary to keep the notorious “paperwork” up to date. Because the customer, but also offices and business partners have been communicating digitally for quite a long time, and that is becoming the norm. To this end, the document management system PaperOffice offers directly implementable solutions whose functionality is based on experience and not on any theoretical approaches that a business economics student devised in the third semester.

PaperOffice Document Management Software is the complete solution: Archiving and managing documents
with automatic AI-based document recognition. Efficient and AI-based document archiving, file management, contract management and document management for private users to large enterprises.
World's best OCR text recognition, live keyword search and SQL-based audit-proof data storage - you're guaranteed to find every document in seconds, with no data loss. Together with your Synology or QNAP NAS, your PaperOffice is the best DMS

At PaperOffice, the DMS for the office, the ideas are translated into solutions, and ultimately, the experience is excellent value for money.

From good experience – PaperOffice DMS

The document management system PaperOffice certainly benefits from the feedback from your customers and incorporates suggestions for improvement in their products in a short time, if they make sense. But these are mostly detailed solutions, which are also often industry-specific. Before that, however, the customer receives a basically perfect DMS that more than meets all the usual requirements or exceeds expectations.

PaperOffice – The bright spot in the DMS jungle

The idea of ​​converting regular paper forms into digital ones and thus saving a lot of time and space, was created as document management software even in the old millennium, but it did not really get going until after the millennium. As of 2002, PaperOffice’s DMS has been instrumental in reducing paper mismanagement in offices, government, and households. Simply by writing a sophisticated and logically structured software.

This has not changed until today, almost two decades later. The PaperOffice team used their experience to put it into a product that would benefit many people around the world until this day. Anyone who experiences PaperOffice is usually surprised by how easy and secure document management can be.

Document management software PaperOffice – Customer satisfaction is no coincidence

In the meantime, many people from the older generation are convinced that documents can be stored better in a laptop or PC, than in archive cellars. They are also a little bit handier and accessible at any time; the documents of course, not the people. PaperOffice DMS has been persuasive in that the user gets a tool that simplifies the work on all levels; on any PC, tablet or smartphone and under any common operating system. Add to that the excellent compatibility with other office software, and of course the hardware as well. If, for example, the order form or the bill of lading can be scanned with lightning speed using a mobile camera, and afterward completely digitized, then this is a PaperOffice experience that remains positive in the memory.

That’s one of the interfaces or boundaries where the analog world meets the digital one. PaperOffice document management software makes border crossing easier for any user with intuitive usability. This results in an empirical value that ultimately facilitates the daily work, but also serves sustainability, because at some point in the near future, office paper will a relic of the past from Gutenberg’s time.

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