Data protection in perfection

Security is written BIG

It is by no means a minor problem. Personal and company-related data are automatically stored on the Internet today. On the one hand, this is necessary in order to accelerate communication, on the other hand, both the transparent person and the glass company have long since become reality.

PaperOffice Document Management Software is the complete solution: Archiving and managing documents
with automatic AI-based document recognition. Efficient and AI-based document archiving, file management, contract management and document management for private users to large enterprises.
World's best OCR text recognition, live keyword search and SQL-based audit-proof data storage - you're guaranteed to find every document in seconds, with no data loss. Together with your Synology or QNAP NAS, your PaperOffice is the best DMS

Data is the modern gold after countless specialist companies mine it. In this way, in the business, no matter in which industry, competitive advantages are equalized, ideas simply stolen or unleashed murderous struggles for customers and markets. It is therefore not a question that data protection is necessary. PaperOffice takes this need into account with PaperOffice document management software in every respect. A solution that could almost be of biblical origin.

DMS from PaperOffice – does not tempt us

The famous and millennia-old sentence from the Lord’s Prayer reveals a dilemma facing many companies today. The cloud, the data storage on the Internet, is extremely convenient and convenient, but unfortunately not as secure as the providers like to suggest. In particular, the top dogs, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft and Amazon, operate their servers for data storage in the United States. In the states, however, the Patriot Act passed in 2001 still applies. This allows, for example, US authorities access to servers of US companies, without obtaining a judicial permission, incidentally, on the servers of foreign subsidiaries of US companies. But who knows which company belongs to whom in the often gigantic network of today’s Internet giants? On the other hand, in 1993 former US President Bill Clinton called on the CIA and the NSA to support US companies. This has not changed under Donald Trump, the activities have rather strengthened.

PaperOffice’s PaperOffice Document Management solution paves the way to tempting anyone, not even a US agency. This is simply achieved by the PaperOffice for data storage does not use a cloud. Rather, PaperOffice with a NAS server provides the ability to save all accumulated data internally. As a user of a NAS server with the PaperOffice DMS, companies become their own cloud operator, just as fast, convenient and far more secure than with a third-party provider.

NAS and PaperOffice DMS spies are left out

Although the DSGVO now applies in the EU, it is almost impossible to make up for damage once it has been dealt with, such as a hacker attack on an external cloud. Neither with regard to the stolen data nor to the loss of image and trust of the company, which is often far greater than the loss of data.

It’s not just internal data storage where company management allows or limits access via hierarchical, password-protected levels as needed. It is also the AES-256 encryption of the data. This is a symmetric encryption method used at its highest level, the AES-256, for top-level official and military documents. Since the development of this algorithm in 2000, no successful attacks have been reported so far.

With the NAS server, PaperOffice offers all-round protection for company data, at which authorities and thus also business spies bite their teeth. At the same time, the PaperOffice document management software is an outstanding product for data management with a multitude of possibilities that exist as a version for single-user computers, but also as a network system for up to 800 workstations. In addition still cost-effective and easy to use.

PaperOffice DMS, data management and data protection in perfection.

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