Benefits of Automating Business Processes with PaperOffice

When human beings began to automate tasks, humanity as a whole took a tremendous evolutionary leap, and life became simpler by being able to produce more with fewer resources. That’s why the industrial revolution was so important, since machines didn’t get tired; they could operate non-stop, and human error was also eliminated from operations. Then we entered the digital revolution which further accelerated this process.

PIA AutoFill searches for the most important document data, reads it intelligently and then indexes the document fully automatically.
PIA AutoFill searches for the most important document data, reads it intelligently and then indexes the document fully automatically.

As you can see, automation is without a doubt what drives all human initiatives to scales that wouldn’t otherwise be achievable. It’s precisely in this area that your company can benefit from PaperOffice, since it’s a software that digitizes and catalogs your documents so that their storage and subsequent consultation is highly efficient (and ecological as well).

How can PaperOffice improve your business productivity -and profitability- through automation? Let’s take an example that you know first-hand: Wikipedia. This website is a compendium of a lot of knowledge stored in a digital form, what does that imply? That it can be easily updated and the information contained in this encyclopedia can be consulted in a timely manner anywhere in the world, which is why it is considered that Wikipedia has replaced the traditional printed encyclopedias. In the same way, the time required for storing and consulting the documents your business works with will be drastically reduced when using PaperOffice. Here are some points with the benefits of bringing your business to the present day by implementing automation with PaperOffice:

  • Automatic digitization with the use of AI and OCR. Storing a physical document in your database with PaperOffice is very simple, since the software will be able to recognize the characters and the format of your document automatically from scanned images or pictures, once this is done, your document will be stored safely on your server and can be consulted at any time through specific words if required from anywhere.
  • Local storage for greater security. In most cases, people prefer to have absolute control of their documents, the best way to guarantee their confidentiality and security is to store them on their own server, PaperOffice allows you to do exactly this through local MySQL/MariaDB databases, if you want to encrypt them for even more security, you can also do it with our software.
  • More efficient group work. The databases that contain your documents can be accessed remotely by one or more members of your workgroup, with which in addition to the benefits of the digital storage mentioned above, you will also obtain the optimization of the productivity of your work team, by giving them the opportunity to access all the information they require from different places; anyone with the required permissions can send, edit, and view documents, thereby optimizing overall productivity.

There are many more benefits that PaperOffice can bring to your business, we invite you to visit our website to see the whole world of possibilities that open up for your business when implementing PaperOffice, this software is not an expense, it is an investment that will significantly increase the productivity of your company, once you see the profit that productivity and efficiency brings, you will not regret entering the digital revolution.

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