PaperOffice document management system for the hospitality and hotel industry is the ideal solution

PaperOffice is the ideal solution for all branches

All companies in the world are completely unique, but all companies in the world have the benefit of smooth management of their papers and documents in common. Therefore, the requirements for a document management system (DMS) are also very different. Companies in the catering and event industry in particular are known for their high volume of documents.

Without a professional DMS, a lot of manual effort arises quickly: from the search for required documents to the sorting of all incoming and outgoing documents to their extensive, analog archiving.

A digital document pool should be created through which all employees always and everywhere have access to the required documents and the processing status can be displayed transparently. Serving your guests gastronomically at the highest level and as a hotelier providing a feel-good factor are your tasks that you do with pleasure and expertise. PaperOffice takes care of everything with just as much technical and expert knowledge as the document management in your company. PaperOffice eliminates all time-consuming bottlenecks and creates a clear overview of important documents, such as hospitality receipts, invoices and delivery notes, rental contracts, by adding them digitally to PaperOffice in the future to get managed.

The use of a document management system like PaperOffice DMS, leads on the one hand to time savings, which result in cost savings, for example through the elimination of paper archives, on the other hand to improved service through a high level of information capability and the smooth processing of data and information in the transmission chain. The digital and Audit-proof archiving of documents and receipts ultimately leads to legal security according to the regulations of the GoBD. But the only thing that prevents all companies from immediately using a DMS is the alleged high manual effort for the conversion to a digital path.

But not with PaperOffice DMS.

Thanks to the PaperOffice document management system, you can simply drag your receipts and other information that is already digitally available directly from Windows Explorer into the PaperOffice program window.

PaperOffice accepts any file type and can easily capture everything thanks to the integrated tools. PaperOffice can also capture all your paper documents from the scanner thanks to the integrated scanner. The integrated ScanConnect supports every scanner, multifunctional device or large-capacity copier with an integrated scan unit and is very easy to use. Single pages, mass scans or photo scans: whatever is made of paper is scanned and recorded with high precision thanks to AI-based optimization.

The intelligent filing dialog stores new documents securely and at lightning speed directly in the PaperOffice database. You have access to all information and documentation at all times so that all processes run smoothly and on time. You can also automate your entire processes: thanks to the PaperOffice AI called PIA (PaperOffice Intelligent Automatization) you can use the automatic AI document recognition and storage without any problems.

In addition to this, PIA AutoFill searches for the most important document data, intelligently reads it out and then automatically indexes the document in PaperOffice. Saving time for important things, saving costs by eliminating your paper archives, improving your services thanks to the ability to provide information quickly and digitally archiving your documents in a tamper-proof manner – PaperOffice guarantees you this with the introduction of the efficient document management solution. Perfectly adapted to your industry and tailored to your requirements, PaperOffice integrates digitally into every work routine and workflow.

The easy adaptability and seamless scalability of PaperOffice is the perfect cornerstone for your new digital office and guarantees the ideal industry solution.

There are many other advantages PaperOffice can bring to your company. We invite you to visit our website to see the whole world of possibilities that open up for your company when implementing PaperOffice.

This software is not an expense but an investment that will greatly increase the productivity of your business. Once you see the benefits that productivity and efficiency bring, you will not regret entering the digital revolution.

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