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Without a document management software is really complicated to keep track of everything. Accounting, customer care, inventory optimization, ordering, tax, competitors, staff and so on and so forth.
Everything is connected with correspondence and this both in analog and digital form.

PaperOffice Document Management Software is the complete solution: Archiving and managing documents
with automatic AI-based document recognition. Efficient and AI-based document archiving, file management, contract management and document management for private users to large enterprises.
World's best OCR text recognition, live keyword search and SQL-based audit-proof data storage - you're guaranteed to find every document in seconds, with no data loss. Together with your Synology or QNAP NAS, your PaperOffice is the best DMS

Before the documentary era, and since the dawn of humanity in the digital age about thirty years ago; companies, public authorities, and individuals are struggling to combine the two worlds. Although it is foreseeable that the analog form of correspondence and documentation will come to an end in the near future, it will be necessary to reconcile both. But not only that, at the same time the analog past has to be digitally archived. Folders, files and documents that have to be stored for legal or corporate reasons and are hidden in sometimes barely accessible basements.

Document management system PaperOffice – The future is digital

Probably the best way to avoid the chaos in the office is the use of document management software, DMS for short. Since it is wise to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of others, the sense of a DMS that has been around for quite some time makes perfect sense. Since the PaperOffice experiences can certainly be seen.

• Over 900,000 users of the document management system
• In 53 countries of the world
• Over 17 years experience in the document management sector

Taking advantage of the PaperOffice experience means using document management software that includes everything needed. At the same time, however, PaperOffice is not a DMS, which is so complicated that now all employees including the boss have to be sent to longer training courses.

The team of PaperOffice uses the experience accumulated over the years as well as the feedback from their customers to constantly improve PaperOffice. Therefore, the experience of the document management manufacturer PaperOffice for the users are positive experiences. This DMS builds logically and starts where it is important. For example, when scanning documents, which is possible with PaperOffice on any device that has a camera, not only by scanner, but also on the smartphone or tablet. Of course, regardless of the operating system. The use of OCR full-text recognition, which also works with keyword indexing, is by no means the norm, but an idea owed to the PaperOffice experience. Keyword indexing, in turn, serves as the foundation for PaperOffice’s internal high-performance search engine, which instantly finds every document, whether scanned or already digitized. Just as important, experience teaches, is the link with other office software such as ERP, MS Office or CRM.

Document management software PaperOffice – Safe from experience

It is also part of the PaperOffice experience to invest in software security. For example, by data storage on a local server / NAS and not on the cloud of a third party. With an additional 1024bit AES encryption, which is also used by the military, all data is protected from unwanted eyes.

With the document management software PaperOffice, everyday office life can be perfectly organized, as the program is scalable from a single-user application to 800 network locations where workflows can be sent to each other. Last but not least, PaperOffice complies with the tax code and with the latest data security legislation GoBD and GDPdU. The experience from Document Management Maker PaperOffice also taught to the creators that price is a deciding factor regarding why this DMS is the price-performance winner among its class.

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