Automated document storage and digital workflow functions for process optimization in your company thanks to PaperOffice DMS document management

The pandemic has been affecting the lives and work of all people around the world for a good 10 months now. Practically every industry is more or less affected by this and an end to the crisis situation is not really in sight.

The only thing that is certain is that this time of extraordinary measures will be over at some point, and then it is important to be able to get started again or, even better, to have a lead over the competition. One such advantage is, for example, perfect document management, like the one PaperOffice DMS has to offer.

PaperOffice makes it easier for SMEs and the self-employed to make future-oriented investments in administration, even in times of reduced sales. The flood of data is not decreasing. Certainly, incoming information is subject to a certain reduction in times of crisis, but it is precisely such times that allow data management to be brought up to date. With its various tools, PaperOffice DMS is ideally suited for this. For example, will you use the time of the pandemic to finally completely digitize the analog part of the company archive?

With PaperOffice DMS this can be done easily because the software contains everything that is needed; a high-performance OCR text recognition, and of course the integrated AI, lovingly named PIA by the PaperOffice team. PIA automatically recognizes master data that has been recorded once in every newly scanned document and arranges it in the digital filing system in terms of time and keywords.

These documents are immediately available to all authorized employees registered in the system via the integrated search engine. The workflow, which is also part of PaperOffice, is used to process data, for example in a project group with automatically assigned versioning, without changing the original document, which in turn corresponds to proper storage in accordance with the German GoBD.
But PIA is not at the end of its digital administration expertise. It creates lists just like forms and creates automated letters, such as invoices to be issued regularly. Admittedly, PIA cannot make coffee, but in times of equality the male employees in the office can also take on this task.

PaperOffice DMS reduces costs in administration, whether that be for SMEs or self-employed in the home office. With the option to pay in installments without credit rating agency information, PaperOffice also becomes a portable investment, even in times of pandemic.

Neither the professional world nor the more than 900,000 users worldwide question that PaperOffice is an above-average document management software. That is almost to be expected, since the specialists at PaperOffice have been dealing with this DMS for over 17 years. What is special about this is that the employees at PaperOffice are not satisfied with simply meeting the conventional requirements for digital document management, but are always one step further.
For example, through the integration of extensive workflow management. Workflow management, on its own, is primarily concerned with the framework conditions that are necessary to enable a workflow within a network. In short, so that team players can work properly.

PaperOffice Workflow – simple task assignment is good, digital approval is better
Geniuses such as Albert Einstein are or were seldom real team players and usually achieve amazing goals on their own. Without a doubt, people with an IQ that is well above average are also dependent on an exchange of ideas and social contacts, this is not to stimulate themselves spiritually, but rather for reasons of interpersonal relationships. The large average, however, does better in a group. After all, people have come a long way as team players. Modern Homo Sapiens was a networker from the start and is now more than ever. PaperOffice takes this evolutionary development into account by integrating the workflow management in your document management system.

The powerful and extensive workflow module PaperOffice Control enables the assignment and processing of complex processes, controls document information and tasks efficiently through the company. Both simple and complex multi-level workflows with branches can be defined. In addition to the simple approval workflows, extensive checking and approval processes can be implemented, such as an invoice approval by defining multi-level work processes with branches through red-green queries, like a traffic light. In addition, digital releases can be requested and further actions can be carried out. So the process overview is always kept in mind.

What can team players expect from PaperOffice workflow module?
The term workflow requires a framework or, better, appropriate tools in order to be able to implement a common workflow.
This framework was created in PaperOffice in order to enable working groups to perfectly organize their projects without breaking the internal boundaries.
This is one of the differences that sets the PaperOffice workflow apart from conventional project software. Projects usually begin with assigning a task to one or more employees, who usually first have to undertake organizational efforts. It’s good if the PaperOffice DMS is already installed in the respective company for document management, because it takes over a large part of the organization, which ultimately saves time and money.

With PaperOffice Workflow you optimize your work processes, reduce costs and become more productive overall. This means that every employee always has an overview of existing workflows and thus control over all processes. The workflows can only be edited and approved by those who have been assigned to them. In PaperOffice, every member of a team is informed at all times about the status of things and the progress, both as a whole and in detail. At PaperOffice you don’t need any extra office space, you don’t even need all team members in the same city.

In addition, the PaperOffice team provides precise instructions and workflows for almost every PaperOffice functionality. Exact instructions can be viewed as workshops on YouTube

PaperOffice DMS with workflow management, for teams with big goals.

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