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Artificial intelligence is the logical next step in digital development. The program learning ability makes working life easier. Especially with regard to documents and their correct archiving. PaperOffice PIA is available for this process.

PaperOffice Document Management Software is the complete solution: Archiving and managing documents
with automatic AI-based document recognition. Efficient and AI-based document archiving, file management, contract management and document management for private users to large enterprises.
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No, PIA is not a friendly office worker who dedicates himself daily to the task of filing new documents analogously and digitally where they belong. In human form, there are innumerable Pias with other names that often do this job, although it is not their job, but without this laborious manual administration in a digital environment would soon sink into chaos. Incidentally, a work that costs an incredible amount of time and resources, although probably no one took the trouble to skip the cost factor. The assumption is obvious that here alone for Germany a three-digit million amount comes together.

What or who is PIA?

PIA is part of the automated storage of PaperOffice document management software and stands for:




Man distinguishes himself above all through the recognition of logical and abstract contexts. In combination with his memory, over the years he or she gains a store of experience that helps to classify new experiences more easily and assess their importance. The problem, or perhaps the happiness for humans, is that their memory is no more perfect than the ability to assess meaning. Because logic is one thing, feelings are the other.

PIA, on the other hand, is not affected by feelings and has a perfect memory. The other part, the recognition of logical as well as abstract contexts, must also learn PIA, but it does this much faster than the human, to which actually only in adulthood, so after a good 18 years, mental peak performance is granted. PIA, on the other hand, learns with each new document and immediately uses what they have already learned.
The AI of PIA is able to independently recognize incoming documents according to certain characteristics and assign them to the respective storage. Totally automatic. As soon as PIA has collected certain data from a corresponding company, authority or customer, all other documents with the same characteristics will be assigned accordingly.

PIA – in the sign of the three

The orientation, which document belongs where, takes place first of all via three recognition features:

  1. Visual recognition
  2. Recognition by keywords
  3. Recognition via QR or barcodes

A visual recognition means the storage of certain optical features which are identical on each document, such as the company logo or the footer.
Keywords also often repeat themselves on a document, for example the VAT or the email address.
Finally, if available, machine-readable barcodes and QR codes.

Thanks to PIA, every new written contact must only be read in once and a corresponding folder created within the PaperOffice DMS. Any further correspondence with these characteristics will automatically migrate to the corresponding folder.
For the discovery of a document, above all the keywords are important, which are determined either themselves or optionally via PIA. The live keyword search in PaperOffice finds the corresponding document at lightning speed, for example, via the date of receipt and if this is omitted, then another striking word or combination of words, which is also possible in PIA.

Analog documents can be read in via flatbed scanners, feeder or drum scanners or other methods and are available as digital content in the respective folder in no time at all. PIA, the intelligent tool for automated filing in PaperOffice DMS, saves a lot of time and money.

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