Data security Synology

The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced in early March 2019 that now start for Facebook users new, safe times. Certainly above all with regard to the highly charged data. That does not come by chance, because so far the coworkers of Facebook were handled with the data quite loosely and made thereby bomb deals. The company with around 35,000 employees in 2018 around 55 billion US dollars. But just recently a scandal was chasing the other and more and more state institutions from different countries are asking the entrepreneur and his responsible staff uncomfortable questions regarding data protection.

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For users of the PaperOffice document management software, privacy is also a highly topical issue, as it usually involves companies of different sizes. They must be able to rely on their data being safe from unauthorized access by third parties. To accomplish this, PaperOffice acts according to the exclusion principle.

The external cloud stays outside

The exclusion principle is a troubleshooting procedure. It is used by craftsmen as well as IT specialists. In terms of data security, the cloud of a third-party provider is an obvious source of error. This is due to the fact that a cloud operator simply can not guarantee absolute data security, even if something else is promised. At first, a cloud looks like a bulwark on the Internet, where data stored by the customer is seemingly secure. In fact, a cloud for professionals is more of a Swiss cheese. White-collar criminals, hackers and, last but not least, authorities search the cloud at will. Sometimes sanctioned by the highest authority, as US intelligence agencies do, based on the Patriot Act of 2001 and in cooperation with the US economy.

PaperOffice as a German company sees this as a major obstacle to data security and therefore recommends the use of its own server, the Synology NAS. The Taiwanese company Synology is the world leader in the production of network attached storage. Instead of the third-party cloud, an internal network exists, controlled by the PaperOffice document management system and equipped with the NAS, whose storage capacity can be adapted to the requirements as required.

Intranet instead of internet

A shielded, hierarchical network, such as PaperOffice DMS and Synology NAS, which control data entry and exit through firewalls and anti-malware, provides the highest level of security, unlike the cloud on the Internet, whose access is mostly via a single, in-game network usually rather unsafe password.

But that’s not all, an AES 256-bit encryption makes the data on the NAS server as well as during the data transfer for attackers unreadable and really unreadable. That this is actually the case is confirmed by a very vocal body. The NSA, the National Security Agency, which uses the AES-256 code itself, tries to crack it at the same time since 2012, without success. It is also very interesting that this code comes from Belgian developers and is still used by US authorities. The only non-American encryption code in the US and at the same time the one used for the highest level of secrecy.

PaperOffice DMS and its customers are therefore in good company for data security, but even more so with Synology’s own NAS.

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