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  • PaperOffice Trial: Try out the award-winning PaperOffice for free for 14 days at: Trial Version
  • Buy PaperOffice: Purchase PaperOffice directly from our shop at: PaperOffice Shop
  • PaperOffice ComDesk: Learn more about our ComDesk at: ComDesk

Discover more about PaperOffice, the paperless office, by visiting our informative video resource: About PaperOffice (The Paperless Office). Thanks to our world-class PaperOffice OCR text recognition, live keyword search, and SQL-based revision-secure data storage, you can find any document in seconds, even by content.

PaperOffice allows for the intake of documents in various ways. Existing electronic files can be easily added from the file system using drag and drop. You can also import files individually or in bulk or integrate the Windows folder structure into PaperOffice.

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