PaperOffice document management system and QNAP NAS-TOP performance

How does a car, a ship, an airplane or a modern CAD lathe work? Roughly summarized, these devices work because various components are coordinated with one another. The better these components interact with each other, the better the performance of the entire device.

This is shown even better with the computer, whereby this special device, which has shaped the world like no other in the last 50 years, is always seen as a unit of software and hardware. One does not work without the other, and here too, when hardware and software complement each other perfectly, the result is simply superior performance. Just like between PaperOffice, the document management software, and QNAP, the database server.

In the decades of continuous development of application programs and operating systems on the one hand and processors for data processing and their peripherals on the other, a logical structure has emerged. The core of this structure is a central storage unit that is controlled by a network-compatible program. This solves a problem that was initially not noticed in the early years of the PC, because in companies in particular, the single-user computer was many times better than analog solutions. However, in many companies it has been and is still being shown that a single-user computer, and thus also its user, does not make its performance and its content available to the company adequately.

The best performance results when all single-user computers are connected directly to a logically managed storage unit in which all data and results are stored and retrieved. But that’s not all, with the right program, the PC workstation computers involved in the network or their users can be relieved and supported. Last but not least, the configuration of the data management software and database server achieves a much higher level of security, bypassing the cloud, the data storage of a third party, which per se brings with it some legal as well as performance problems.

QNAP NAS – store, retrieve, control

What sounds here as if it were a matter of installing a central, multi-million euro supercomputer in the company is actually the only sensible solution. When choosing the right components, you also have a solution that has a very good price-performance ratio, the costs of which are amortized very quickly in relation to the monthly rent of the cloud data storage. For SMEs in particular, the combination of a database server (NAS) with document management software (DMS) is the ideal means of significantly increasing administration, operational control and security at low cost. But what are the “right” components?

QNAP is a Taiwanese manufacturer of network attached storage (NAS) that not only produces data storage but also other components for expanding networks, including the associated basic programs.

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