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Since the days of a Konrad Zuse in the 1940s, a lot has happened in the digital domain. The first computers were monsters with the size and weight of a family home. What began about 70 years ago with thousands of tubes and fist-sized relays has shrunk to truly handy formats. A conventional smartphone today would be superior to the giants of the early computer past by a hundredfold. Not to mention the software. From the punch card of the past century to 21st century applications such as PaperOffice, which makes the management of digital data safe and functional.

PaperOffice Document Management Software is the complete solution: Archiving and managing documents
with automatic AI-based document recognition. Efficient and AI-based document archiving, file management, contract management and document management for private users to large enterprises.
World's best OCR text recognition, live keyword search and SQL-based audit-proof data storage - you're guaranteed to find every document in seconds, with no data loss. Together with your Synology or QNAP NAS, your PaperOffice is the best DMS

Algorithms are the crucial components of any modern software. This almost always includes a search algorithm, which has a greater or lesser importance depending on the function of the software. In a data management system such as PaperOffice, the search algorithm has a particularly high priority.

PaperOffice live keyword search

What good is a data management software if the data to be managed on the computer or the NAS server are difficult to find or it takes a perceived eternity before they appear on the screen?

With PaperOffice’s live keyword search, users can be confident that searching for specific documents will yield results almost at the speed of light.

But what is the live keyword search in PaperOffice?

The DMS PaperOffice has an integrated search engine, with a simple keyword search, but also an advanced search, which makes it possible to find a specific document in the databases using additional parameters.
Other software products also have search capabilities, but these usually search through the stored data on a hard disk or other media in succession for the search term. With an increasing amount of data, which often goes into the Terrabyte area today with not a few companies, such a search takes time. But time is money and that’s why PaperOffice has a search engine with a smart high-performance algorithm. This queries all existing source media at the same time.

This works thanks to a corresponding text indexing. Already when new documents, pictures, documents, notes or other content are added to the PaperOffice database by means of a scanner or directly from the hard disk, a so-called raw text decomposition takes place. PaperOffice ‘s superior OCR text recognition breaks down all captured words into syllables and single words, including compound words such as “railroad”. In the next step, each syllable and every word is entered in an alphabetical register and linked to the respective document. Now, when a search word is entered, the algorithm first goes into the register and calls all matching links from it at the same time.

More in detail

A commonly used search word, such as “bill” will bring a corresponding amount of search results. In order to be able to search even more purposefully, the advanced search of PaperOffice offers the possibility to add further keywords. To make it convenient for the user, the PaperOffice Live keyword search offers an automatic preview of the documents that have already been called in the recent past. Very often, then, the search is unnecessary and the processing of the documents, which may have begun the day before, can continue seamlessly.

PaperOffice puts an end to the paperwork in the offices as well as the time-consuming search for documents.

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